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 Go to , look on the menu bar near the top. Find: Hello. Sign In. or Hello Your Name. If you see your name after Hello, then you already have an account and you’re already signed in.

If you don't see your name, it’s easy to set up a new account. Hover over Hello and then click New customer? Start here. on the menu that pops up. Enter your name and email, create a password, and then click the button to create an account. Amazon will keep you signed in, the next time you return.
You can then go to the Amazon book page for the book you wish to review. Scroll down to the Customer Reviews section. Click Write a customer review and enter your review.  I appreciate your comments!
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Science fiction gives us a glimpse into an alternate view or an imagined future.  It changes our perception of what is possible and can even act as a catalyst to shape a new reality.  Like travel, science fiction broadens our view and gives us reasons to be more curious and accepting.​​

​Who doesn't want more of that?

Douglas Phillips
​​I've studied a wide range of scientific fields throughout my life.  Now I'm turning that experience into the stories I've always wanted to read​.