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​​Douglas Phillips Books

Quantum Space
Book 1

Quantum Void
Book 2

Three astronauts on board a Russian Soyuz capsule begin their reentry. A strange shimmer in the atmosphere, a blinding flash of light, and the capsule vanishes in a blink as though it never existed. A classified government project on the cutting edge of particle physics holds the clues and with lives on the line, there is little time to waste.​​

The world anxiously watches as a team of four katanauts suit up to visit an alien civilization. What they learn on a watery planet hundreds of light years away could catapult human comprehension of the natural world to new heights. But one team member must overcome crippling fear to cope with an alien gift she barely understands.

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More than 800, 5-star reviews (thank you, readers!)

The ​​Quantum Series brings the scientific authenticity of The Martian, the page-turning pace of Da Vinci Code, and the inspiring world view of Arthur C. Clarke.

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